I am your typical nerd girl. From the time I could first grasp a pencil, I was off in a corner by myself drawing or writing. Even as a small child, I could spend endless hours alone, quietly scratching away at pieces of paper. I am still surrounded by piles of my scribblings (just ask my very patient husband). That may have been part of what earned me my own private writing cabin on a corner of our property.

I will never have time to do all the things I want to do or try all the things I want to try. I will never be bored. One of the aspects of heaven I look forward to the most is not having that limitation of time. Having an eternity to experiment, try new things … that will truly be … well, heavenly (and might be why I write stories that push the boundaries of time).

Most of all, I am curious. I love the research phase of writing and the first draft—the sheer creative thrill of it all. My mind grows a bit numb on the fine-tuning and editing. I can be a little short on the follow-through (I have to push myself there), but I fully expect the buzz of ideas to conintue keeping me up at night. I am certain a few are little gifts from God seeping through that foggy grey area when I drift between conscious and unconscious states.

I write what I love to read ... an eclectic mix of historical fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction ... good, clean stories with humor, a touch of romance, and a twist of darkness written from a Christian worldview. My characters will take you on adventures in mysterious and exotic locales.

I have lived in nine of the United States, but I currently call a log cabin in North Carolina home along with my husband, teenage son, two dogs, a cat, five chickens and even the occasional bat.

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